Run your business like the big guys do. We offer smart, reliable software to operate your restaurant, delivery, kitchen and back of house. And we help you drive better relationships with your customers across all points of contacts. It's an All-in-one software that's easy to set up and runs on your current hardware. A big system at a small price, for restaurants and bars of any size.

Already serving over 100.000 orders per month in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.

  • Restaurant POS System

    A Point of Sale system for restaurants, bars, quick service and delivery businesses. Run it on your own hardware (desktop or tablet) or order hardware from us.
  • Table Ordering

    Your customers scan a code at their table and order with their phone. Orders go directly into your POS system in real time. This saves your staff a lot of time and improves service for your customers.
  • Loyalty Program

    Turn your anonymous restaurant visitors into registered customers and incentivice them to return to your business by giving them loyalty points and member details. Works out of the box with our system.
  • Cloud Analytics

    Access your reporting for all your outlets in one cloud based interface from any computer or phone with internet connection - in real time. Or create custom reports that get sent by Email or WeChat.
  • Online Ordering

    Manage all your delivery orders in one system. Or avoid paying high commissions to third-party delivery platforms by creating your own WeChat store and let customers order from home.
  • Integrated Payments

    Scan the customers phone to receive payments directly into your POS. Either by attaching a hand scanner, or scan using the camera of the POS tablets. We don't take any commissions on payments.
  • Real Time Stock Management

    See current stock levels of your products and ingredients, and get notified when stock levels are low. Utilise inventory counts to detect theft and recipe issues.
  • Cost Management

    Create recipes for products and prep-items and start seeing your theoretical and actual food and drink costs based on real-time sales. Send purchase orders directly to your suppliers by WeChat.
  • Coupons & Discounts

    There are endless marketing opportunities using discounts, product or cash vouchers. We also have built-in support for popular third-party coupons (like Dianping) already pre-setup.
  • Kitchen Management

    Give your kitchen team an easy to use online interface to manage production, shelf-life, waste, purchases, transfers and stock levels on a tablet computer, in their own language.

Key Benefits

  • Fully Bi-Lingual

    Easily switch between Chinese and English in any of the user interfaces. Our WeChat stores are the only ones on the market that have a 100% bi-lingual ordering interface.

  • For any Restaurant Size

    From small coffee shops to large multi-outlet restaurants, our system works with restaurants of any size, and there's no limit to how many terminals or printers you connect.

  • Easy Setup

    With your own backend you can upload your menu, create new products, manage discounts and promotions, design the layout of your shops, manage recipes and and so much more!

  • You own Your Data

    Your data is always yours. As a company we with a European background we follow the European data privacy standards. You can also host our system on your own server.

  • Quarterly Billing

    No large upfront investment is required. The first month is free, and subsequent months are billed on a quarterly basis. You can cancel at any time. Purchased hardware is yours to keep.

  • Great Local Support

    We provide WeChat and phone support for our clients in China and can meet you to discuss the setup of your system and help you get started. We offer training (Shanghai, Beijing) and hardware setup.

  • Multi Outlet Support

    No matter if you have 1 or 200 restaurants, our system perfectly scales with your business. If you have multiple outlets, you can manage all of them from one central interface.

  • Works on any Hardware

    If you are switching from an older POS system like Auphan or iGourmet you can keep your hardware. Or purchase new hardware through us. Our system runs on any Windows PC or tablet.


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  • Payments

  • Payments

  • Email

  • Marketing

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Transparent fees. Quarterly billing. Flexible Pricing. You own your data

Frequently Asked

  • What hardware do I need to use NoshPos?
  • How long does it take to set it up?
  • Does it also work for sit-down restaurants?
  • Does it work without an internet connection ?
  • What are your commissions for online payments?
  • Can I just use some of the components?
  • Can I run it on my own server ?
  • Can you help us set everything up ?
  • Do I need to pay for updates ?
  • You can purchase hardware from us, or use your own. For the POS you need a PC, Mac or tablet running Windows (not iOS or Android), network printers and a dedicated network for the POS. For everything else you can run it on your own computer in a browser.
  • Setting up a simple POS can be done in a few hours, depending on how complex your menu is. Setting up an online ordering solution usually takes a few days until you have payments integrated. Setting up stock management is usually a more lengthy process that takes several weeks to have fully implemented.
  • Yes, our POS can be used by any type of restaurant, including larger sit down restaurants. Our POS has a graphical user interface with your table floor plan and you can see detailed reporting for sales by table, table area and etc
  • NoshPos is a cloud based system so it mostly requires an internet connection. Most of the logic of the POS happens locally so it's as fast as any traditional system, but your data is saved in the cloud. Most of our restaurants use a router that switches to a 4G (or now 5G) in case their internet is down so their system is always on.

    Working with cloud based systems turns out to actually be a lot more reliable than a system that has a server inside your restaurants - a cloud server will never break, your local server will.
  • None. You use your own account with payment providers and payments go directly into your company bank account. We don't take any cut. Unlike third marty payment providers (like WeChat) which usually take a commission of around 0.3% per transaction.
  • Yes, all of the components can be used on their own. However the real strength of NoshPos is if you all components together (for example, the inventory requires your purchase and sales data). By just using one system you only need to set everything up once, share the reporting and have one partner (us) if you need help. And all your data is in one place, and always in sync.
  • Yes, we do offer an option to run the system on your own server at an extra fee. We are also able to build a custom version of our system. Please contact our sales team for more details.
  • Yes we do. You can set up and maintain the system yourself, but it'll be faster and easier for you if you let us help with it. Please check the pricing page for details on how much we are charging for the setup services.
  • No. We constantly add new features and push bug fixes. All updates are available to you instantly at no extra cost.

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