• Online Stores

    Easily customize one of our beautiful web and WeChat shop templates, or code your own.

  • POS

    A point of sale for delivery and take-away shops that process all your online orders in real-time.

  • Kitchen

    Give your chefs the tools to tackle everything from daily prepping to recipes and inventory.

  • Back Office

    Everything your team needs to handle finance, suppliers, marketing, staff, and stores.

  • Delivery

    Manage and track your delivery fleet, orders, client addresses, routes, and schedules.

    Coming Soong

  • Create a stunning online storefront with your own domain and designs.

    • For Beginners and Experts

      Choose from one of our modern templates or design your own site with HTML and CSS. Host it on our fast, in-country servers, or use your own server through our API.
    • Customize Everything

      You have full control over everything your clients see. From confirmation emails to print receipts, easily adjust it the way you want it, or even use your own code.
    • Built for F&B Delivery

      NoshPos comes with all the features that your food delivery business needs, including customizable delivery time-slots and fees, discounts, vouchers and loyalty programs.

  • Set up your WeChat store in minutes

    In China, it’s essential to have a WeChat store to take advantage of customers that do all their ordering through their phone. Setting up a WeChat store with NoshPos is easy. Like our online stores, you can easily customize the designs and easily add custom code and features.

    • Sync Your Data

      Your customers can use the same logins for the website as they use for the WeChat store, and all their data, vouchers, discounts, and purchase histories are always in sync.
    • Any Domain

      You can either use a custom domain like wechat.yourshop.com, or for a faster and easier solution, simply use our standard domains at yourname.noshpos.cn/wechat
  • Accept online payments in your online and offline shops without additional surcharges.

    Add online payment functionality to your website with just a few clicks. NoshPos doesn’t charge a commission on payments. Use your own billing account with major payment providers and receive payments directly deposited in your bank account.

    Below are the available payment options in China. Change your country region to see payment methods in your area.

  • Every content management tool your restaurant website needs.

    As a one-stop solution, NoshPos includes all the best features of a well-designed, modern website. You no longer need to hire a design company or purchase another website builder software, and you can add additional features to your site with basic programming skills.

    • News

      Add a blog or news page to inform your customers about your shop’s latest developments.

    • Slides

      A popular element of every modern and well-designed website are sliding header images.

    • Team Intro

      Give your online shops a personal touch by introducing the people behind your business.

    • FAQ

      Avoid unnecessary customer requests by outlining everything they need to know.

    • Press Clips

      You've done well. They’ve talked about it. Be proud, and share your notoriety with the world.

    • Announcements

      Big and important changes happen. We give you the tools to share them with your clients.

  • Multi Outlet Support

    NoshPos is the right system for every business size, from a single coffee shop to a food delivery business in multiple cities and around the globe.

    • Move orders between Shops

      Easily move an order from one shop to another. For returning customers, NoshPos remembers and automatically assigns their nearest station.
    • Show different menues for each Shop

      Not all your shops have all items available at all times. NoshPos allows you to display different menues on your website depending on which shop your customer is ordering from
    • Show Busy Status

      Sometimes one shop can be too busy to take orders. Our sophisticated algorythm allows you to move orders based on capacities of the stations.
  • For Developers

    Our API allows you to host your own website on any server anywhere, while still making use of all NoshPos features. It's built in PHP and easy to use also for less experienced web developers. Start coding your own shop now without having to move your website.

  • Receive Online Orders in Real-Time, Direct to Your Kitchen

    Our POS system is the heart of NoshPos and is used by your restaurant staff to manage orders and operate the delivery station. It runs on any computer or tablet with internet.

    • Confirm Orders With One Click

      When it gets busy, you don't have the time to manually write emails to confirm orders. NoshPos lets you send pre-written confirmation emails with a click of a button.
    • Manage Pre-orders

      NoshPos’ online store offers many options to create order dates and times. You can easily edit time slots and delivery fees for your customers to choose from.
  • The Right POS for Take-Away and Quick Service businesses.

    NoshPos isn't limited to online stores and delivery businesses. With it's store component, it's a great POS system for storefronts doing take-away orders. And thanks to it's built-in online payment features, you won’t need any additional tools to accept WeChat and Alipay payments from walk-in customers.

  • Software that betters your restaurant management.

    You shouldn’t have to use several different software products that may not even work well together to manage your restaurants. NoshPos solves this problem by being a lot more than just a POS system. It’s an enterprise level solution to manage all your operating needs, from stock purchasing to inventory to sales.

    Included in all NoshPos packages are all the tools that you need to have full control over your operations.

    • Checklists

      Provide a smart way and integrated way to delegate, manage, and monitor tasks. Start with our checklist templates, or create your own.
    • Availability Check

      Make sure your all your online stores are always up to date and availability is displayed correctly. Just one of many NoshPos integrated tools.
    • Expenses Tracking

      Keep your restaurant profitable by managing daily expenses in all our outlets. The system knows your suppliers and all inventory items.
    • Daily Statement

      Print a daily overview of everything that has happened at your stations, detailed by delivery type, payment channels and more.

  • Give your chefs the tools they need to manage their kitchen and supplies.

    • Recipes

      A sophisticated but easy-to-use system to manage your prized recipes. Keep them up-to-date and in a safe place across multiple outlets.
    • Production

      Let your kitchen staff log everything they've produced into the system. NoshPos will even remind you when something is about to expire.
    • Waste

      High food waste affects the profitability of your F&B business. NoshPos lets you easily track waste of your stock.
    • Ordering

      NoshPos can order fresh ingredients directly from suppliers. Create pre-approved products that your kitchen staff can order with just a click.
  • Make sure nothing gets lost.

    With your sales, purchases, and waste data, NoshPos is able to answer the question on every restaurant owner's mind. Is something missing? Or, to put it less dramatically, why is my food cost so high?

    NoshPos doesn't just look at final products, it goes down to the ingredient level. Whether the avocado is being sold in a salad, inside the guacamole, or used as an add-on to a sandwich, NoshPos calculates where your products are being used and what’s leftover, in detail.
  • Having a good understanding of food costs is essential to choosing the right price to charge your customers and making a profit. NoshPos incorporates a enterprise-level food cost management system. You can log recipes and the amount of individual ingredients it takes to produce them. Feed NoshPos the right data, and it will always give you an accurate picture of the profitability of your product.

  • Get to know your business through data.

    • Sales Data

      The total overview of how much you sold, broken down by product, category, shop location, delivery method, payment channel, time, and date.
    • Client Data

      See new and returning client ratios, how often a specific client orders, and which products made clients come back.
    • Website Analytics

      There's no need to purchase third party analytic tools. NoshPos tracks all relevant data and stats about your website and visitors.
  • Provide great customer service without paying extra for CRM software.

    • Complaint Management

      Report complaints to the system and analyze which products and shops receive the most complaints.
    • Customer Feedback

      Automatically email feedback requests to your customers after their first order, and track which products are well-received.
    • Address & Account Management

      Connect your customer’s accounts, addresses, and login information across all your NoshPos stores.

  • A fully integrated marketing solution to keep customers coming back.

    • Client Reactivation

      Send an email to customers that used to order from you frequently and invite them back with a voucher.
    • Discounts and Vouchers

      The most advanced system to create discounts and gift vouchers, with almost unlimited customization options.
    • Upselling

      Suggest additional items to your customers, based on the time or content of their cart, before they checkout.

  • Full Cost Control and Supplier Management

    • Finance

      Track supplier purchases everyday at all your outlets, and find out when a supplier is overcharging.
    • Suppliers

      Analyze and manage your supplier orders and related expenses with filters, and export all your data to an Excel file when needed.
    • Unpaid Orders

      Keep an overview about which customers still have outstanding payments and manage invoices.


  • "NoshPos gives us a lot of options to create our own custom discounts and vouchers for marketing campaigns. It's great that we can customize everything the way we want. The pop-up windows that allow clients to select additional items when they add products to their cart are great for food ordering"
    Simon Vogel
  • "This backend system has honestly revolutionized our business. It is sleek and intuitive and has all the features we need to track all of the moving parts in a growing food business. It is far and away better than anything I have seen (and used!) on the market. Nosh POS has anticipated the needs of users, and the features they have are ones that are actually useful and can help companies spend time on their core business."
    Lexie Comstock
  • "With over 80 delivery orders per hour in peak times, it's important for us to have a reliable system that allows our team to process online orders quickly. The interface is easy to understand by our local Chinese kitchen team, and the many operational tools help us eliminate errors".
    Eva Wu


No setup fees. Quarterly billing. No hidden costs. Switch or cancel plans at any time.


Per month


A good starter package for smaller restaurants with one or two locations, and less than 100 orders per day.

  • Hosting: Up to 20k pageviews
  • Products: Up to 100
  • Emails to clients: 1,000 per month
  • Notifications: Email
  • Sales Reports: Simple online
  • File Access: Online Interface
  • Branding: Minimal NoshPos branding

Per month


The perfect sized plan for food delivery businesses with multiple outlets and hundreds of orders per day

  • Hosting: Up to 100k pageviews
  • Products: Unlimited
  • Emails to clients: 10,000 per month
  • Notifications: Email/SMS/Wechat
  • Sales Reports: E-mail Analytics
  • File Access: Online, Ftp, Git
  • Branding: No other branding
  • Calculate and display nutrition data
  • Offer Loyalty Programs in your shops
  • Optional

    Additional Licenses ¥180/shop

    NoshPos has all the tools you need for a multi-store business. Easily add additional shops when you expand and let every shop have their own order and kitchen management interfaces and accounts.

  • Optional

    Service Package ¥280/month

    This includes a key account manager to help you set up and managing your shop and 30 minutes of tech support to help with minor programming issues and updates on your online stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hardware do I need to use NoshPos?

    NoshPos is a cloud-based POS system and can run on any computer with an internet connection. Any printer can be used to print receipts. NoshPos also works on tablets such as iPads.

  • Does it work without an internet connection ?

    No. All features require an internet connection. We are already working on a desktop software that can work while your internet connection is temporarily available, however this won't be available until mid 2017.

  • Does it also work for sit-down restaurants?

    NoshPos is built primarily for delivery and take-away restaurants. Currently we have no interface for floor-plans that a traditional restaurant POS system has, but who knows that the future will bring to us.

  • What are your commissions for online payments?

    We don’t charge a commission and we don’t handle payments, so the money flows directly to you. For all payment solutions that we support, you'll need to get your own accounts with the payment providers.

  • Can I just use some of the components?

    Yes. You’ll get the most out of NoshPos when using all of its features, as they often rely on each other, (for example, the inventory requires your purchase and sales data). But feel free to get started with basic features such as the POS system and setting up an online store, then take it from there.

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