Our Story

The idea of NoshPos was born out of running a food delivery business in Shanghai. We opened in 2013 and back then, there were plenty of online store builders and POS systems on the market. However, no one offered both services in a connected platform. Online stores received their orders by email and you’d have to manually enter them into your POS system. With over 50 orders an hour, that wasn’t feasible for us.

So we built our own system.

Later on, running a busy food delivery business with multiple outlets, we needed a software to help us support our staff and manage our shops remotely. Every software solution we found—be it for logistics, marketing, or customer support—were very difficult to use, expensive, lacking local support, and worst of all, not integrated with our online store and POS system.

We simply didn’t want to have to spend more time, energy, and resources on a new software for every problem that came up, so we started building a lot of these features into our own in-house program, NoshPos.

NoshPos became an incredibly helpful tool that our food delivery business couldn’t live without. When we realized that other restaurants and delivery businesses were facing the same problems we had, we decided to rebuild our software from the ground up and make it available for other businesses too.

During the making of NoshPos, we actively avoided the common pitfalls of online store builders, where every store looked exactly the same. No one wants to have a website that looks just like your competitor’s restaurant across the street. Today’s F&B industry can be as much about branding as it is about food quality and costs. So we built NoshPos in a way that allows our clients to take full control over the look and feel of everything, without having to worry much about code.

NoshPos is an F&B software built by restaurant owners who also happen to be programmers. We know the problems that restaurant owners face because we’ve faced them ourselves. We’ve figured out their solutions because that’s what we as programmers do. But we know that we need help in getting NoshPos to assist F&B businesses across the world. Currently, we are seeking venture capital from an international VC firm that can help us expand an SaaS company quickly.

We’ve built an amazing product and we’re ready to take it to the next level. If you believe you can bring something to the table to help us grow, don’t hesitate to let us know.

- Alexander Weng, Founder (LinkedIn)

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