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  • Products

    Add up to 100 products with a Basic account and unlimited with a Premium Account. New Products can either be added one by one, or add 10 products at a time with Group adding function. Outdated product can be archived so you'll have them available in the future.
    • Details

      There's no limit to how many details and images you want to add to your products, and you can set up your own product features.
    • Product Attributes

      Re-occuring attributes such as the country of origin only need to be written once, and can then easily attached to every product.
    • Availability

      Decide in which of your shops each product is available, and set weekdays and times when customers can buy your product.
    • Images

      Each product can have unlimited images (within your file storage package) We automatically resize your images to a web friendly size.
  • Options Pop-Ups

    You can easily create pop-up windows that allow clients to select additional items when they add products to their cart, e.g. add chicken breast to a salad). Or you can use these pop-ups to let clients customize their selection, for example let them choose a salad dressing, the size of a dish, or pick items to build a menu. You can either pick from our default options, or fully customize your own pop-up window.
  • Discounts

    NoshPos comes with a very advanced and flexible discount system. Discounts can have either a cash value of a % discount, and apply to either the total order amount or just specific products or product categories. You can set up discounts to be either automatically applied to an order based on the client, time, date or address. Or you can give out discount codes to clients that they have to enter to activate the discount.
  • Special Prices

    You can assign different prices for each product based on which customer is buying them. This is very useful when you are dealing with wholesale customers or have special deals with frequent customers. When ordering on your site while being signed in to their account, those customers will automatically be charged the special price.
  • Vouchers

    Vouchers are a great marketing tool (e.g. gift vouchers) or for your customer services after you've received complaints. With NoshPos you can create an unlimited amount of vouchers. The customer receiving the voucher can use the code at the shopping cart to deduct the gift voucher amount from the order total. You can connect vouchers to complaints or marketing campaigns to keep track of what they are being used for.
  • Confirmation Emails

    NoshPos allows you to save different email templates so you can confirm or reject orders with just a click of a button, with different messages (e.g. when your shop is busy you might need a different message than when the order will be send out very fast). For a quick start, you can use and customize our standard templates. Or you can upload your own html code to have fully branded communication with your clients.
  • Loyalty Programs Professional

    Start giving out reward points to your customer who frequently make purchases to keep them coming back for repeat purchases. You have full control over this feature and can customize earnings, spendings and what benefits you'll be offering to clients when they've reached your target. You can set up if customers can either pay with earned points, or offer free merchendise based on how many points they have accumulated.
  • Languages

    All features are built to support 2 languages. You can choose any 2 languages you want, and upload all your product, news, announcements and anything you publish in 2 languages (built in UTF-8, so any language with special character sets such as Chinese or Arabic is no problem). Our system will automatically detect and remember your client's language and show him the correct content.
  • Delivery TimeSlots

    This is something that sets us apart from most other systems out there. NoshPos lets you fully customize the delivery timeslots that your customers can choose from. Even better, different timeslots can have different delivery fees (e.g. same day delivery might have a surcharge delivery fee). And you can exclude timeslots if certain products have been added to the cart (e.g. a cake is not available for same-day delivery).
  • Order Tracking

    This feature allows your client to check and follow the status of their order. It gives real-time information on where the order is, and when it's being sent out. Soon, we'll connect this tool to the couriers real-time location to give your clients an accurate time of arrival of their order.
  • Nutrition Data Professional Coming Soon

    When using NoshPos's recipe function, our system can calculate nutrition data such as carbohydrates, proteins, calories. It already knows values for many common incredients, and of course you can add your own data for items not part of the system. Output nutrition data on your shops, you can include them in your order confirmation emails.


  • Order Management

    The POS interface receives your online orders in real-time. With one click you can confirm an order, reject it, or move it to another station. The clean interface gives you an exact overview of all the orders that are currently being prepared in your station, and once and order is sent out, you can assign it to a courier. You can see how long orders have been in the station, and easily access neccessary information about the client.
  • Client Receipts

    That's the recipe you print and give to a client together with your order. Most systems allow none or very limited customizations. NoshPos gives you full control over the receipt, so you can create your own with html, css and smarty. Client recipes can be a great marketing tool when you add vouchers, qr-codes, holiday messages and more. Or you can use our default recipe and make minor adjustments to that.
  • Delivery Methods

    Besides your delivery and take-away business you might have other delivery channels, such as a food aggregator or a wholesale business. You can set up different delivery methods in our system to make sure all revenues are assigned to the right channels. Each Delivery Method can have it's own delivery fees, discounts and product categories. Soon, we'l be offering API's to connect to major delivery companies in your town.
  • Pre-Orders

    Our Pre-order management pages allows you to get future orders out of the way, so they don't fill up your pos system when you don't need to see them. See pre-orders by date, aggregated by product, so you know exactly how much you need to produce, and can plan your operations. You can set pre-ordres for certain dates and times of the day.
  • Product Availability Management

    Imagine you work with a traditional POS system, and run your online shop with a separate software, such as Shopify. It's a busy lunch business, your staff is busy handeling orders, and now something is sold out. Who has the time logging in to Shopify to update your website with current availablity ? With NoshPos, you directly update availability of products on your website from the POS interface, with just 2 clicks.
  • Expenses Tracking

    Every day, your stations get fresh incredients delivery from multiple suppliers. You no longer need a third-party solution to track those expenses. NoshPos comes with a simple interface that lets your stations input all these expenses, so your back-office finance team can easily see what's been delivered, and if the prices that you have negotiated with suppliers are right.
  • Daily Statement

    Your busy work day is over. Print out your daily statement and let NoshPos calculate everything you need to know for your daily settlement. You'll see revenues broken down by delivery channels, payment methods and couriers. Plus all your direct and indirect expenses. All this broken down into cash and non-cash items, so you know how much cash your station manager should hand over to you at the end of the day.


  • Inventory

    You can set up daily, weekly or monthly inventory routines, and attach any of your incredients or products to the inventory. On the given time, your kitchen staff counts all items in the kitchen and submits the numbers to the system. Based on your sales numbers, waste and purchases, NoshPos alerts you know if something is missing in your kitchen.
  • Recipes & Food Cost

    Recipes are safely stored in the NoshPos cloud, so there's no need for paper recipes that someone might take out of your kitchen. You update recipes centrally, so all your shops are always using the latest recipes. If you update all the incredients with the latest supplier prices, NoshPos helps you calculate your food cost, an important tool to decide on your prices.
  • Production Level

    Everything your kitchen produces can be added to the system through an easy interface on the kitchen module. This gives you a and your chefs a great overview of what's currently in your kitchen, and you can easily see how much has been produced, and how much longer it can be kept, based on the shelf-life limit that you've set.
  • Waste Management

    Keeping track of your waste can be crucial to the profitabilty of your business. The kitchen module knows all your incredients, and allows your kitchen staff to report waste through an easy interface. Waste data can be accessed through the Back office module, and is used for the inventory calculations. You can set alerts that trigger when waste levels reach a certain threshold.
  • Checklists

    NoshPos comes with a some already set-up checklists, for example a product shelflife check, which your kitchen team uses to check and report the shelf-life of all incredients in the kitchen every day. Additionally you can set up an unlimited number of custom checklists. Checklists can appear in the kitchen module or the POS system, depending on who's in charge of it.

Back Office

  • Analytics

    Analytics data gives insights in sales and shopping behaviours. Besides basic sales data you can see your revenue by month, year, per product or product category. All sales data can be filtered down to each station, delivery channels, and even language of your clients. Analytics also includes data about new vs. return clients, and traffic on your website. Professional accounts can receive Analytics reports by email.
  • Human Resources

    A simple HR software with NoshPos to list to keep a list of all your staff and upload data such as their contracts, emergency information and contact details. You can enter your staff's salary and use the Payroll feature to calculate your salary sheets. All HR data is connected to other features of the software. (Human Resources features are currently still under construction, and more features will be added shortly).
  • Suppliers

    Keep an updated database of your all your regular suppliers. This feature is directly connected to the finance tools, so you can see how much you have been purchasing from suppliers ever month, and by changing prices of supplier items all food cost calculations will be updated automatically. Suppliers can be set to be either cash or end-of-month payment, so you know when to pay them.
  • Feedback

    You can fully customize this great feature that automatically sends an email to your customers asking for their feedback. The email directly links to a feedback page listing all the items a customer has ordered. You can decide on the frequency of those emails and either use our standard design or fully design your own email (by providing your own html code).
  • Client Reactivation

    When regular clients stop ordering from you, this feature can help you get them back. Once you've set it up, it automatically sends out an email with a voucher to your old customers and invites them to order again from your shop. You have full control over this feature and customize the text, email design, frequency, voucher value and more.