Credit Payments

Credit Accounts represent a group of clients that are authorized to order without having to pay directly. Typically this is used for wholesale businesses that charge clients at the end of the month, rather than with every order. A Credit Account can be used by a single client or shared by a group of clients, for example when multiple employees of a company want to place orders individually but pay through the shared company Credit Account.

Setting up Credit Accounts

New Credit Accounts can be created in Admin > Finance > Credit Accounts. After you've created the Credit Account, start adding one or many clients to this group. Go to the clients page inside the admin, search for the clients name, click edit. You find the "Credit Account" at the bottom of this page. Pick a Credit Account from the selection and save the changes.



Placing orders using Credit Accounts

This client will now see an additional payment option on the checkout pages with the title "End of Month Payment". Naturally it is required that the client has signed into their account before placing an order.



You can change the title from "End of Month" by providing an "Alternative Title" in Admin > Settings > General > Payment Methods > End of Month



After the client has placed the order, the customer receipt will indicate that no payment is required on delivery.



End of Month payments using Credit Accounts can also be placed through the POS. For this, you first need to set the name of the client that is authorized for a Credit Payment. The easiest way is to enter a new delivery order:



A client can also be set at any time by clicking the Client button on the orders page



Now, on the Paymens Window, select "End of Month" and click the "Validat Credit Account". If this client is authorized for using a Credit Account, and the account hasn't reached it's monthly limit yet, you will now be able to click the "Paid" Button.



Managing Outstanding Payments

Orders placed using Credit Accounts will be marked as "EOM" in your orders overview.

To see all oustanding orders made using credit accounts, open the "Receivebles" page in the Finance Section.



On this page you can search orders by Client Name, Delivery type, or Credit Account. Once an order has been paid, to remove it from the Receivables page you need to mark it as paid. Select the checkbox of one or many orders and click "Pay Order"



Last updated: 2018-02-14 11:13:34