Discounts allow you to reduce the price of an item or the entire order based on certain criteria, such as date, day of the week, or who the customer is. Typical usage of discounts are:

  • Marketing promotions (e.g. 50% of a dish on Valentine's Day)
  • Discounts for a certain group of people (e.g. 30% staff discount)
  • Price changes based on certain events (e.g. 10% off to apologize for a late delivery).

There are several types of discounts available at NoshPos, and it is important that you understand he difference:


Discounts   Discounts redcue the price of an item or the entire cart by a certain % or fixed rmb amount. Discounts are usually tight ot a certain condition (e.g. a weekday) and can be used multiple times.
Quantity Discounts   Quantity discounts are a type of discount that apply automatically when a customer orders a certain quantity of a certain item. The most typically case is a 'buy-one-get-one-free' deal.
Vouchers   Vouchers represent an rmb credit value, and can only be used once (or unil the voucher value has been fully spent). Vouchers can usually be used at anytime, and require the customer to enter a voucher code when they check out
Special Prices   Special prices are used to change the price of an item for specific customers. This is usually used for wholesale customers. For example, customer A can pay 10rmb for an item, and customer B only 9rmb. Special prices will automatically apply once the customer is signed in.


This article covers the first type, Discounts.

Creating Discounts

Create discounts in Admin > Marketing > Discounts. There's no limit to how many discounts you add.


Title For internal use only to help you recognize the discount, e.g. "Valentine's 50% Cheesecake Deal"
Value A discount can have a % value (e.g. 50% off) or an RMB value (e.g. 10rmb off). If your item originally costs 100rmb, with a 50% discount it will then cost 50rmb. With a 10rmb off discount it will then cost 90rmb.
Free Deliver If a delivery fee applies, choosing this option will remove the delivery fee (if the discount applies)
Product The product that will receive the discount. Currently you can not select multiple products.
Category All products within this category will receive the discount. You can either select a product or a category, there's no need to select both
Application Type Scroll down to read more about the 2 different application types
Promotion Code This is only required if application type is set to 'manually'. Choose any word that your client has to enter on the checkout page to receive this discount. You can choose a word that's easy to remember for the customer, 'i love cookies'
Usage Scroll down to read more about the usage options
Shops Specify if a discount should only be available in a specific shop
Delivery Type Speicify if a discount is only availble for a certain delivery type (e.g. a 3rd party delivery company)
Client ID Enter the ID of a client if you want to offer this discount only to one specific client. It is essential that the client is singed in before they start ordering in your online shops.
Address ID This would allow a discount only to a certain address. Since the address selection usually happens on the last step of checkout, the customer might not see the discount until after they checked out.
Valid on day You can enter a specific date (format YYYY-MM-DD), this is good for seasonal discounts like Valentine's Day. Currently, unfortunately it's not possible to enter a date-range.
Weekdays The weekdays the discount will apply. Currently, a selection of weekdays is required.
Valid after/before A time of the day after/before the discount becomes available (format HH:MM). Please note that it matters when a customer adds an item to the cart. If a discount is available until 3:00pm, and a customer adds an item to their online shopping cart at 2:55pm, they will be able to get this discount, even if they checkout at 3:01pm.


Understanding the 'Application Type'

NoshPos knows 2 types of how discounts can apply.


If Application Type is set to "Automatically" the system will add the discount if the conditions are met. For example if you create a 50% Valentine's Day discount for a Cheesecake, then the discount will automatically be added whenever a cusomer adds a Cheesecake to their cart on that date. The customer doesn't have to actively do anything, and will see a reduce price in their cart:



This will result in your online shops and the POS showing the discount directly without any further action.




The Application Type 'Manually' however requires the user to actively enters a code to receive the discount. If the user doesn't input a code, no discount will apply. Please note that whoever knows this code can use the discount (unless you enter a value in the Client ID field, then only that client can use the discount)



This discount will not apply untill the user adds the code "i-love-cheesecake" into the "Add Voucher or Discount Box".


Understanding the Usage Field

NoshPos knows 3 types of how discounts can be used.


1) Unlimited is the most frequently used option, and means a discount can be used multiple times, for any order and no matter who the customer is, as long as the other discount criteria like weekday or date are matching. If you are not sure about the usage type, select this option


2) Once means a discount can only be used once. After it's been used, it can not be used again, even if it's used by another customer or on another weekday. It really just applies to a single order. A good usage case is if you want to give one customer a one-time discount of 50% on their next order.


3) Once per customer means every customer can use this discount one time. This option requires that the customer is signed in. If they are visiting the checkout page without being signed in and try to use this discount they will receive an error message asking them to sign in. Once a customer has used this discount they won't be able to use it again, but another customer can still use it.  A good example for this discount are marketing promotions where you hand out a discount code (using the 'Promotion Code') where every customer can get a 10% discount on their first order.


General, Product Specific and Category Specific Discounts

Discounts can apply to 3 different things:


General Discount    If you create a new discount and leave both the "Product" and "Product Category" fields empty, then the discount will be considered a General Discount and will apply to all your items in the cart. Most discounts will be general discounts.
Product Specific    A product specific discount applies only to a certain product. Our Cheesecake example above is such a produc specific discount, it only applies to one product, the Cheesecake.
 Product Category    This discount applies to all producs within a certain category. You could set a discount for the category "Cakes", then all cakes would receive a discount


Unfortunately it's currently not possible to combine discount types. For example, if you'd like to give your staff a 50% discount on food but only 30% discount on drinks, you'd have to enter those separately and create 2 different orders every time your staff buys food and drinks together.


While the difference is between these discounts isn't very relevant to your customers, it's important that POS users understand this, since they have different ways of being used in the POS:


A General Discount (one that applies to all items in your cart) is added by clicking Discount button at the the bottom of the cart.



While a Product Specific Discount (one that applies to a specific product) is added by selecting the Product in the cart, and then clicking the "Discount" button at the top of the cart.




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