5 Cost-Saving Ideas for Your Restaurant

F&B is an increasingly competitive market with tight margins. Here are five ideas on how NoshPos – the Restaurant Management Software – can help restaurants in Shanghai and Beijing improve their profitability.

1) Avoid Delivery Commissions

Delivery platforms like Ele.me and Meituan are great as marketing tools, and to increase your revenue, but you are paying them a high commission on every order, and you don’t own the customer, they do.

With NoshPos, you can create your own WeChat online ordering solution with just a few clicks and start sending your customers to your own ordering platform where you pay out 0% commission.

Of course, you still need to pay for the delivery. For this, we recommend delivery apps like Dada that charge a flat fee of 10-20rmb per delivery. So you start saving money for orders above 100rmb immediately.

A simple calculation: on a larger order of 250rmb, you would pay about 50rmb commission to Ele.me. With your own platform, delivery by Dada, and a nearby delivery location, you can save 30-40rmb on a single order. Plus, you own the customer data, so you can build brand loyalty and turn them into regular customers. NoshPos WeChat stores are integrated into our system, and pricing starts at 68rmb per month.

2) Give Loyalty Points instead of Discounts

Discounts are a popular marketing tool, but they eat up your profit margin. Instead of discounting your products, you can start giving customers loyalty points. The customer will still feel they get a discount, but it’s essentially a discount on future orders, which means the customer is more likely to return to your business. Loyalty programs have proven to be one of the most effective ways for restaurants to increase customer return rates.

The other benefit of a loyalty program is that you can hide the actual discount value. For example, a customer who receives “30 points” for a beer would feel like they’ve received a real benefit (even though these points might only be worth 30 cents, a 1% discount), while no customer would choose your restaurant if you discount your Happy Hour beers by 1%.

At NoshPos, the loyalty program is built-in as part of our CRM system, and customers can earn and spend points whether they order online or inside your restaurant. Pricing starts at only 180rmb per month, a fraction of what you’d pay for 3rd party solutions that cannot integrate with your restaurant's POS and ordering.

3) Track Waste and Shelf Life

Tight food cost control is what makes the difference between a profitable and non-profitable F&B business, especially for western restaurants in China that have to deal with expensive imported ingredients.

It’s easy to manage your kitchen when you have one kitchen in an owner-run business, but it gets significantly more difficult when the business grows into multiple outlets. Without a sound computer system in place to support your operations, expansion can very quickly become a costly nightmare. However, most enterprise software is overly complicated and difficult to use for local kitchen staff, and either all in English or all in Chinese.

The NoshPos kitchen module is a bilingual tool that runs on any tablet computer. It gives your local kitchen staff easy-to-use tools to enter how much they produced and wasted, with just a few clicks. Your team can enter data in Chinese, and you can see it in English. With only this simple data input, our software can then help keep an overview of what’s currently in the kitchen, if everything is within the shelf-life, and helps you analysis and detect problems in the kitchen.

4) Let Customers Order Themselves - Increase Revenue without increasing Labour Cost

Table ordering is a popular new trend where you add a QR Code to each table, and let customers order and pay with their phone. Especially in restaurants that can get very busy and where customers might have to wait before getting a waiter’s attention, this is a great way to speed up ordering, improve service speed, increase your revenue, and save on hiring additional waitstaff. By offering customers additional benefits (e.g., a signup coupon), you can turn your anonymous visitors into registered customers.

Another huge advantage of self-ordering is upselling, meaning you suggest additional products based on what the customer is ordering before they check out. Table ordering is natively built into NoshPos, and orders will go directly into your NoshPos POS system, so there’s no other hardware or software required. Setup only takes a few moments; we even help you print the QR codes. This feature is only 120rmb per month. 2 additional beer already pay for this service.

5) Detect Theft and Recipe Misuse

Taking inventory is standard in all larger restaurants and imperative to tracking your food and drinks cost. However, it’s a delayed way of looking at general trends, since you are assessing a large amount of data (all your products) over a long period of time (usually a month).

Besides this standard inventory tool, NoshPos offers additional tools that allow you to create shorter-term inventory routines. For example, you could count your wines once a week, and your sandwich bread every day. Based on the recipes you enter, your waste, purchases, and transfer data, NoshPos is then able to detect if something is missing in real-time, so you can be alerted to theft or recipe misuse as it happens.

Thanks to our real-time stock level reporting, you can basically know what the stock levels of your products are at any given time. Stock Management is fully integrated into the system, and pricing starts at only 180rmb per month, which is much lower than 3rd party systems that require you to import and export data manually.



Interested? Get in touch to meet with our Sales team and see how you can switch from an outdated clumsy POS systems to our modern, future-proof All-In-One solution within a few days. NoshPos 2.0 was released recently making it more stable, faster and reliable, now already serving over 100.000 orders per month in Shanghai and Beijing.

Last updated: 2019-12-17 18:03:29