Customer Reactivation

Regular customers are the backbone of every F&B business, and loosing them can have big effects on your revenue. This feature allows you to reach out to customers that used to order from you frequently, but have stoped ordering or visiting your restaurant. Once Customer Reactivation is turned on, our server automatically sends out emails to your customers with a personalized message and a voucher code that should help to attract customers back to your shop or restaurant.

Turn it on

  1. Open the Admin of your project
  2. Navigate to CRM > Customer Reactivation
  3. Click the "Tools" button in the top right corner
  4. Fill out the form
  5. That's it. Our server will now start sending emails to your customers.


Customer void time The numbers of days after a client's last order. If you put 60, we'll reach out to all customers that haven't been ordering from you for 60 or more days. To avoid sending too many emails, we'll not email anyone who hasn't ordered for more than 360 days.
Number of Orders This is the number of orders a client has ordered before to qualify for this promotion. If you put 10, we'll reach out to your customers who have ordered from your shop at least 10 times or more.
Voucher Value The cash voucher value that'll be included with this email. If you don't want to include a voucher just leave this field empty. Vouchers will automatically get created.
Voucher Valid Days The number of days how long the voucher is valid for. If you enter 50, the voucher will expire in 50 days from the time the email was sent to the customer. To let the customer know when the voucher will expire, include the [VoucherDaysValid] variable in your email message.

Email Template

This is the email that gets sent to the customer. Start by clicking the "Add Email" button. You can create multiple emails for each language.

Language Choose the language if you want to create different versions, or leave it at "Any" for any language
Email Subject The subject line of the email, something along the lines of "Welcome back to Restaurante Italiano"
Email Recipient You only need to use this field if you want to create an additional email that gets sent to someone as a copy. To send the email to your customer, just leave this one empty
Email Sender Address From what address this email gets sent from. If nothing is set, we'll use the email address that's saved in your project settings. It is important that you are using an email address that you have access to, as many customers are replying directly to this message.
Message The actual message of the email, be creative and write your own personal message to your customers. You can use any of the variables that are listed below, such as "[CustomerFirstName]", so you could start your greeting with "Dear [CustomerFirstName] .....". The variable [VoucherCode] must be included in your text (unless you don't want to include a voucher.
E-Mail Template Pick a template design of your email. If you don't have custom templates available, pick the [Default] General Template to start with.

Note: Don't forget to include the voucher code in your email by including the variable [VoucherCode] somewhere in your message. Variables can also be used multiple times. See the example below how to work with variables or learn more about working with variables in email messages here.


 Once you are done setting it up, our server automatically finds customers that match your settings and sends them an email, with a frequency of about 1 every 60 minutes. You'll start seeing the email that we've sent in the Customer Reactivation page of the admin, together with a status report and the voucher number that got created.


To track the success of this feature, we have created a Marketing Campaign called "Customer Reactivation". To see how many of your customers have used their voucher and how much revenue you have generated from orders that have used these vouchers, navigate to Admin > Reporting > Detailed Reports > By Campaign to see how many vouchers from the Customer Reactivation have been used.

Frequencly Asked

Can we also send messages by WeChat or SMS?

Unfortunately this feature is currently limited to email, but we are working on SMS. WeChat does not currently allow one-to-one messaging from 3rd parties.

Will it send the same email to a customer more than once?

No, to avoid that your customers are receiving too many emails, we'll never send anyone this email twice. However, a customer starts ordering from you again, and after a while becomes void again, he might get another email.

Last updated: 2020-05-05 18:01:49