Bill Adjustments

Bill Adjustments are a type of discount that allow you to directly adjust the total payable amount of an order without having to manually discount specific cart items. Bill Adjustments can be manually applied on the payments page of the POS, with the discount amount (the difference between the original pre-discounts total and the new total) being distributed equally to all cart items.

Bill Adjustments combine the flexibility of Open Discounts with the reporting depth of Manual Discounts. Yet, they should rather be considered a band aid, and only be used if a solution using automatic or manual discount is not feasable, and due to the relatively high chance of being abused, permission to this discount should only be given to top-level management staff, or limited to certain delivery types.

A common use case is when a restaurant works with a 3rd party delivery platform that adds service fees and applies their own discounts so that their bill total doesn't match yours, and you'll need to adjust the bill total to match it up.

Creating New Bill Adjustment Discounts Types

Before you can start making Bill Adjustments you need to set them up in the Admin, and assign permissions. Go to Admin > Discounts and click the "Add Discount" button, then select the "Create Bill Adjustment" button.

Using Bill Adjustments

Use Bill Adjustments by clicking on the "Total" amount on the Payments page.

 If you haven't created any Bill Adjustment Discount Types yet, or if this order is not applicable (for example if it's outside the allowed times, or no an allowed delivery type) you will see a red warning message at the bottom of he screen.

If Bill Adjustment Discount Types are available, you'll now see a selection of available types. Select one, and enter the new total amount.

The discount has been applied.

How does it get reported ?

On the reporting side, the discount will be reported as Manual Discount with the name of the Bill Adjustment Discounts Types.

Can it be combined with other discounts?

Bill Adjustments can only be done once on each order, and only if an order doesn't have any other manual or open discounts yet.

The discount value will be distributed to all cart items. If a cart item already has a discount (from an automatic discount) it will only receive a discount if the distributed amount is higher than what this item has already received from the automatic discount.

Last updated: 2020-02-06 11:59:29