Upselling Campaigns

Product Upsell allows you to create Upsell and Cross-sell offers that display relevant products at various places of your shop, such as the check out page or the products detail page. Upsell Products are grouped into "Campaigns", this allows you to offer different campaigns depending on time, weekday, or current content of the client's shopping cart. For example you could suggest a range of juices if the customer is ordering breakfast items, or wines with dinner items.

Understanding "Campaigns"

For maximum flexibility, upsell products are grouped into "Campaigns". This allows you to offer more than one type of product, and different types of products in different places. One campaign could offer Juices while another one offers Desserts.

You can add any product to any campaign, and a product can be added to more than one campaign.

Creating A New Campaign

Create new campaigns in Admin > Marking > Product Upsell with the "Add Campaign" button.

Active Determins if a campaign currently shows on your site. Set them to "Inactive" to temporarely hide them.
Area Where your compaign shows. Current options are the cart page, that's the page before the customer reaches the actual checkout page, and the product detail page, that's the page a customer sees when clicking into a specific product.
Title For internal use only to help you recognize the campaign, e.g. "Juices"
Question EN This is the title your customer will see above the upsell products. Typically this is a question such as "Would you like to add a dessert"
Show With Product If you select a product here, the campaign will only be shown if the customer has added this product to their cart.
Show With Category Similar to the "Show with Product" option above, if you select a category, this campaign will only show if at least one product of this category is in the customers cart or on the page where the campaign is shown. For example if you want to offer wine glasses with all your wines, you'd choose the "Wine" category, and it'll show everytime a customer buys a wine
Exclude With Product This is the opposite of "Show With Product". Selecting a product here will prevent a campaign from showing if the selected product is already in the cart. More frequently used however is the "Exclude With Category" option
Exclude With Category If you select a category here, the campaign will not run if a customer has a product in their cart that belongs to this category. For example, you might not want to offer wines if the customer already has added a wine to their cart.
Limit This is the number of products that are shown. It's usually suggested to show a even number. Also please keep in mind that sold-out products will not be shown, so you should add more products to a campaign that this limit value to make sure that even if some products are sold out, this campaign shows enough products
Link to Product Category If all the products you are suggesting belong to a specific product category (e.g. you are offering 4 wines") you can add a button below the campaign to link to more products of the same category. A button will show saying "View More" and link to a page showing all products of this category.
Or Link to Another Page You can also add a button below that links to any other pages on your shop. That's useful if you are offing a mix of products and want to link to a custom build page.
Slug Used for developers to recognize a campaign using the GetUpsellCampaignProductsBySlug method

Understanding "Show With" and "Exclude With" options

By default, a campaign will always show in the specified location, no matter what product the customer has added to their cart or is currently viewing. However, you might not want to show a similar product if the customer already has selected a product (e.g. you probably don't want to offer them a dessert if they already have selected desserts). To specify what campaigns show, use the "Show With" and "Exlcude With" options.  Below is an example of an "Exclude With" options.

 In the left example, none of the 4 "Show with" and "Exclude With" options are selected, so the campaign offering Desserts will show, even though the customer already has added a dessert (a Cheesecake) to their cart. In the right example, the "Exclude with" option is set to "Desserts". Because Cheesecake is a product in the category Desserts, this campaign now won't show anymore.

Adding Products to a Campaign

After you've created campaigns you need to decide which products to show in each campaign. Any active product can show in a campaign. You can add as many products as you'd like to each campaign, however only the number set in the campaign "limit" will actually be shown. It's recommendet to add more products to a campaign than it will actually show, as sold out products will not be shown.

Campaign Select the campaign to which product this should belong to.
Product Select one of your products to show in this campaign. A product can show in more than one campaign.
Alternative Name This is an optional field that you can show to display the product in another name.
Alternative Thumbnail Here you can optionally upload another image to show in this campaign
Time The time when this product should show. If you leave these fields empty it will always show. You may choose just one time to define a range.
Weekdays The weekdays this product will show. Please note that weekdays must be selected, not selecting any will prevent this product from showing in your campaign.


Last updated: 2020-05-05 18:00:56