Referral Campaigns

Referral Campaigns create links (or QR codes) that lead to your shop. New customers coming through these links (referrals) can be tracked, including the revenue they generate. Typically, when advertising your shop in online or social media, instead of sharing a link to your shop directly, you would generate the link or QR code by creating a Referral Campaign. This allows you to track the effectivity of your advertisement by seeing who clicked on your advertisement, who placed and order and who became a return customer.

Additionally, Referral Campaigns can be also used to incentivice existing customers to share a QR code with their friends. A customer sharing this QR code with their friends can receive a benefit (kick back) if a new customers places their first order after being referred.

Normal Link - we'll never know who clicked on this, and became a customer:

With a Referral Campaign:

Creating A Campaign

You should create a new campaign for every marketing activity and every media channel. You can create unlimited Referral Campaigns in Admin > Marketing > Referral Campaigns.
There are 3 types of campaigns:

  • Media / Marketing Partner - Use this whenever you want to create a link (or QR code) that links to your shop, either to be used in Social Media (Facebook, WeChat) or in other online Media.
  • C2C Kickback Campaign - Whoever shares this link will receive certain benefits (for example loyalty points) for every new customer that comes through this link.  Turn your customers into a marketing tool.
  • 3rd Party Campaign - Use this when working with a 3rd Party Marketing Partner such as the SmartShanghai Marketplace. Typically these campaigns are open end.

All Campaings have the following fields

Title For internal use, this will help you to indentify the campaign internally. As with all titles, we suggest something descriptive, e.g. "WeChat June BBQ Party Post"
UTM Campaign Slug A campaign will create a URL following the UTM standard. The UTM Campaign Slug is used for utm_campaign=your_slug. If you leave this empty, the utm_campaign will use a numeric value
Shop The Shop that a user who clicks on a campaign link will arrive at.
Starts Optional value for campaigns that are limited in time. A user following the campaign link outside the start/end date will see an error message
Ends Optional end value for time limited campaigns

C2C Kickback Campaigns additionally have the following values

Discount An automatic discount that a customer will automatically receive when arriving at your store following a campaign link. This is useful when you work with selected customers (KOLs) and ask them to share a link to your store among their peers, they can promote your shop by offering this discount.
Open to Public When a Referral Campaign is open to public, all your customers will see a link on their User Account page with a QR code that they can share with their friends. See below for more details
Specific Customer If not every customer, but only selected customers are allowed to share campaign link. For example, you may use this if you are working with a KOL and want them to share a link to your store that is linked to a discount
Points Earned Per Spent A numeric value of points that a customer will receive for each new customer coming from the referral link and successfully places their first order. The amount depends on the order volume of the new customer. For example, if new customer A places and order for 400rmb, and "Points Earned Per Spent" is 2, then the referree customer will receive 800 points.
Points Earned Total Similar to Points Earned Per Spent, this awards your referre customers a fixed amount of points for every new customer.

 C2C Kickback Campaigns "Open To Public"

With the option "Open To Public" selected, all your customers will see a new button on their Account Page, labled "Share With Friends".

On this page, they see a QR code that they can save on their phone and share with their friends (for example on WeChat Momens). This QR code is unique and includes information about this customer. If someone scans this code and arrives at your shop, we will know who this code was shared by, and the referree customer might receive benefits (for example Points Earned per Spent) for every new customer. You have the following options to customize this page:

 Share Page Title  By default this is "Share With Friends", but you can change the name of this button
Share Page Intro This text appears on top of the Share With Friends page and should be a desciption to motivate your customer why they should share the QR code to your shop with their friends, and what benefits they will be receiveing.


There are 2 different types of reports you can receive for Referral Campaigns:


In Admin > Marketing > Referral Campaigns > "Referrals" you can see a list of all referrals that came from a specific campaign. This includes all those referrals that didn't end up buying anything in your store. If a referral did place an order, you will see an Order Number.  The Agent field shows the User Agent (usually a web browser) information of the customer. 


In Admin > Reporting > Detailed Reporting > Referrals you can see the revenue generated from each Referral Campaign. On this page you have the option to filter by:

  • New Referrals: This will only show revenue generated by new customers for their first order. For example, if new customer A comes from a Referral Campaign, and places a first order for 100rmb, and a second order for 200rmb, then only the 100rmb from the first order will be reported here
  • Including Returning Customers: This shows the lifetime spent of customers coming a Referral Campaign. In the above example, this would report 300rmb for customer A

Frequencly Asked

What happens if an existing customer clicks a Referral Campaign Link

The purpose of Referral Campaigns is primarily to track how many new customers you have received from a certain marketing activitiy. If an existing customer clicks on a link (for example in your WeChat advertising), we will track the Referral, but it won't show in the Reporting as New or Returning Customers revenue.

Need Help ? As part of the Service Package we'll help you create your campaigns and consult you on best practise on effective online marketing for e-commerce shops.

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