Registering the Alipay Payments API Account

NoshPos supports Alipay Payments with your own Alipay account. To set up Alipay Payments,click the "Install" button on the Payments Methods page in the admin.



You can now edit your Alipay settings. Alipay payments will not show up as a payment option on your checkout page until you have clicked the "Active" button. 


Getting the required credentials from Alipay is a difficult procedure. You will first need to create a set of one public and one private key file. These may be created using Alipay's official tool, available for download here. After creating your two key files, upload the public key to the Alipay (应用信息) dashboard.

After successfully uploading the file, Alipay will offer you to download a signed Alipay public key. This is the "Alipay Public Key" that you will enter into the NoshPos dashboard.

One you have your private key, your Alipay public key, and your App Id (visible on the left-hand side of the Alipay dashboard), enter all of the information here:


1) 合作伙伴身份(PID) - 16 digits number

2) 账户邮箱(Account Email) - email address

3) API Key - 32 digits letters and numbers (optional as of 2018)

4) App Id - 16 digits number, not same with PID (required)

5) Private Key - very long digits letters and numbers (required)

6) Public Key - very long letters and numbers (optional as of 2018)

7) Alipay Public Key - very long letters and numbers (required)


The following steps explain how you can get these credentials from Alipay.



  1. Go to and sign in as developer
  2. You'll need to sign in with your personal Alipay app on your phone first. Use Alipay app to scan the qr code showed on your page.
  3. You'll need to fill all the info listed here
  4. Go to developer center tab, and click 网页&移动应用
  5. Here you should see your app ID, and which Alipay products you currently have enabled. You probably want to add 电脑网站支付 and 手机网站支付 and possibly more.
  6. Go to 应用信息 to prepare to set up your encryption keys.
  7. Either use your computer’s terminal, or use Alipay’s own key generation tool available for OSX and Windows at Follow instructions on the download page how to configure the tool to generate the right kind of keys.
  8. Go back to the 应用信息 page and save your generated public key.
  9. After successful save, Alipay will give you another public key back; the 支付宝公钥 (link to display Alipay public key is visible in screenshot in the bottom part in section 接口加签方式 )
  10. In your alipay implementation, use your generated private key and the 支付宝公钥.
Last updated: 2019-06-03 20:37:29