Custom Message in Shops

 Custom messages allow you to add your own notices throughout the wechat store, allowing your users to stay updated on any changes or any special requirements when using your service.

 Messages can be a permanent message (e.g. information about your shipping procedures) or temporary messages that will expire on a specific date (e.g. information about an upcoming holiday). 

Where will these messages show?

You can select from currently seven (7) locations where you can add custom messages. They can be placed on the:

  • Checkout Page:
  • Above the "Personal Information" box
  • Above the "Delivery Details" box
  • Above the "Payment Methods" box
  • Above the "Checkout Summary" box

  • Account Page
  • Login Page
  • Registration Page

How can I style the message?

We have added some preset message styles that can help you to effectively comminicate with your messages. For example: an urgent message could be styled in red, or a general informative message can be styled in blue. To use one of the styles, just select from the list on the top:

Additionally you can style your text using the text editor, and even include photos. Please contact us if you require more custom styling options.

How do I add a Custom Message

In your Admin select "Shops" and use the "Edit Message" button for a specific shop. You can then select the location for your message. After saving the message it will appear on your shop in real-time

Temporary vs Permanent Messages

By default messages permanantely remain on the your shop until you remove them. If your message is temporary, you can add an expiry date so the message will stop showing after a certain date.

Last updated: 2020-05-05 17:58:26