Registering the Wechat Payments API Account

NoshPos supports Wechat Payments with your own Wechat Business account. To set up Wechat Payments (WechatPay), click the "Install" button on the Payments Methods page in the admin. [Under the Settings Tab > General > Payment Methods]



You can now edit your Wechat settings. Wechat payments will not show up as a payment option on your checkout page until you have clicked the "Active" button. 


Getting the required credentials from Wechat is a difficult procedure, especially since Wechat is inconsistent with the naming of it's information. You need to gather the following information from Wechat and enter it to your NoshPos Wechat settings page:


1) AppID (应用ID) - 18 digits mixed numbers and letters, usually starts with wxb...

2) Business Id (登录账号) - 10 digits number

3) AppSecret (应用密钥) - 32 digits letters and numbers



The following steps explain how you can get these credentials from Wechat.


Getting your accounts verified ...

To get started you need to pick one Wechat account as your official company acount, and get it verified on these 2 pages:


1) Wechat Public Platform (公众平台) -

2) Wechat Payment Platform (微信支付商户平台) -


Note that both pages only work with Safari on Mac and Internet Explorer on PC. There are no english versions available. 


1) Wechat Public Platform - The Wechat Public Platform (公众平台) is where you send wechat messages to your followers and administrate your account. This account needs to be verified with your company business licence and bank details. 


You can check if your account is already verified if you see this on your account page. To verify your company, login in to  and click on 微信认证  (Weixin Certificate) in the left column. Click the green 开通 (Verify Now) button





Follow the instructions. Among other things you need to upload your company business licence and get your company bank account verified. You also need to pay a 300rmb yearly fee to Wechat. Verification usually takes 2-3 business days.  Please note that Wechat requires to have one official contact person for this account, and this person must be a chinese ID card holder. 


2) Wechat Payment Platform (微信支付商户平台)  This is where you manage your incoming payments, issue refunds and withdraw money from Wechat payments.  Details how to register for this account and get your company verified is not explained here.


Once your accounts are verified ..

After you got your company successfully verified on both pages, sign in again to, scroll down to the developer area and click on Basic Configuration ("基本配置").



This page already shows your AppID ((应用ID). Copy this and save it, you'll need to save this to your NoshPos Wechat payments setting, but also use it again further down. 


To get the AppSecret (应用密钥), click the "显示密钥" link and follow the instructions.


5) You now need to sign in to Wechat's payment portal at and connect these two accounts.  Note that for signing in to the Wechat payment portal, you can not type in the password directly. You first have to download a browser plugin and re-start your browser. 



6) Once you signed in, click on "Account Center" (账户中心), then select "Personal Information" (个人信息) from the navigation on the left. The following page now shows you the required Business ID (登录号).



You now have gathered all the information that you need to save to the NoshPos Wechat Settings page. 


7) As the last step, you need to connect the 2 Wechat accounts. On the Wechat Payment Patform, click on API安全 ... in the new page click the green 安装证书 button (This will add a certificate to your browser to give you a better security, in below screenshot this step had been done so it's not a button) and then the 设置密钥 button:






A warning window will open. Click the green button (确认). You'll now see this window:



Paste your API key here, click the blue 发送验证码 link to receive a pin code to your phone. Enter this code into 短信验证码, and your account password into 登录密码. Confirm with the green button. You are now all set.



In Short:

1) Register on and

2) Get both accounts verified

3) Get the AppID (应用ID) and Business Id (登录账号) from

4) Get the Business Id (登录账号) from

5) Enter the AppID (应用ID) into to connect the 2 accounts


Last updated: 2020-03-24 15:47:39