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Changing the price of an item in the POS

There are plenty of options available to modify the price of an item.

  • Use Discounts to reduce the price either by a % value of a fixed amount. Discounts can apply automatically (for example based on the time of the day or date)
  • Volume Discounts are similar to discounts, but they only kick in if a customer orders a certain amount of an item. This is a great for promotions (e.g. buy one get one free)
  • Use Special Prices to modify the price of an item for a specific customer, or for a specific delivery type. For example if you sell a product regular price of 5rmb, but 4rmb through a third party delivery platform

If none of the options isn't what you need, you can always just adjust the price of a dish directly in the POS. Here's how you do this:


1) Allow that the price of a dish can be modified

By default, this feature is locked for newly added dishes, and you have to specifically give permissions so that the price of dish can be changed in the POS. You do this directly in the Products admin "Prices" tab.



2) Modify the price in the POS

To then actually modify, first add the item to your cart. Select it in your cart and click the "Discount" button. A window will open, select the 2nd tab "Set Price". Use the number pad to type a new price of the dish and click "Change". The price of the dish now has changed.


Last updated: 2018-02-10 13:28:29