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Feature Update: Delivery Zones

Want to make sure that your users select their location before they purchase items? Setup delivery zones, which will allow you to tailor products, delivery fees and delivery times for each location.

Step 1: Make sure that the Chinese address for your shop locations are set.

 Locations can be found in Settings > General > Locations:



The "City" and "Chinese Address" fields must be set first before proceeding. The system will not recognize addresses that are not in Chinese.



Step 2: Add your delivery zones

Delivery zones are the areas around specific districts or cities which the your locations are able to deliver to. Delivery Fee prices can also be affected based on whether or not a customer is in the specified delivery zone. Delivery zones can be found in Settings > Shops:




On the delivery zone creation page, you can find the following fields: Default delivery zone, Delivery zone name, Station, Priority, Delivery Zone. The station must first be saved to the zone before the map points can be drawn, as seen in the image below:


Field Types 

Labels Description
Default Delivery Zone Set one delivery zone to be the default if none are set
Zone Name Easily identify what zone is being used
Station Specific location the zone is linked to
Priority Determines which zone to choose if a location is found in multiple zones. Highest: 1 - Lowest: 10
Delivery Zone Points of that define where valid locations for delivery


Once a station is saved to a zone, it will display a map that you can use to define the area for your delivery zone. Select te 'Start Editing' button to trigger the shape on the map. Once your are finished defining the delivery area, select the 'Save Location' button to set the points. The form can then be submitted.


Step 3: Set your timeslots to your new delivery zones 

Once your delivery zones are created, the system will only calculate your delivery fees and load timeslots based on the zone that is activated by the user in your shop. Therefore, timeslots need to be set to approved zones to differentiate between time and price for each location. This can be done by editing your timeslots (Found in Settings > Shop > Delivery Timeslots) and updating the field "Available Delivery Zones", as shown below:



Step 4: Final Step, Turn on "Forced Station Selection"

The last step includes turning on forced station selection for your wechat store. This can be found in Shops > Shops > Settings [For the Wechat store only] as seen below: 


Once this is turned on, all of the changes made so far will be reflected in the wechat store and your users will be prompted to select their location first, before proceeding.

Last updated: 2018-09-18 15:38:48