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Offering Different Product Sizes or Flavors

This guide describes the most common way of offering different product sizes or flavors of a product using the example of a Cappuccino that's being offered in in a regular and large size. As a result of this tutorial, we will display a product "Cappuccino" in the store, and when the customer clicks on this product they will see a selection of the different available sizes.



1) Adding all sizes as products

First you need to enter 2 new products, one for each Cappuccino size. To differentiate them we mention the size in the name. Our 2 new products are "Cappuccino (Regular)" and "Cappuccino (Large)".  The reason why NoshPos requires that you enter both sizes separately is that this gives us more flexibility in how we treat this products (e.g. in regards to loyalty points and discounts) and it also allows us to create different recipes for each size (since a large Cappuccino uses more coffee and milk than a regular sized one, and that's important for your stock level tracking). 



Since we don't want that customers can see these 2 products in the shop directly, go to the Availablity tab and make sure that "Display on Sites" is unselected.


2) Create a placeholder product

We now have both Cappuccino sizes in the system, but the customer can't buy them because they aren't showing up in the shop.  To show a Cappuccino in the shop, you now need to create a 3rd product, a so called "Placeholder" product with the name "Cappuccino". This is the product that appears in your shop and allows customers to open the size selection screen. There's no need to set a price for this product. Once you've added it, click on the "Modifiers" tab and select the "Force Modifiers (Public)" and "Placeholder Product" options and save the changes.



3) Add the 2 sizes as a modifiers to the placeholder product

Still in the Modifiers tab of the placeholder product, create a Modifier Group by clicking the "Create New Modifier Group" button. The name is for internal use only and helpus us identify this Modifier Group later on. The "Question" field is what the customer will see as a title on your website.



 Now that you have created the new Modifier Group, as the last step you have to add your 2 Cappuccino sizes to the Modifier Groups




Last updated: 2018-03-11 16:23:14