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Product Options using Modifiers

Sometimes, certain products require additional elements for the customer to choose to fully complete their order. Modifiers can be used to add extra items to products, such as a specific type of salad dressing, or a special kind of tool/utensil that would complement the product. They can also be used to add a modification to a product ( e.g. "rare","medium","well-done" for steaks).


Modifiers usually appear in a pop-up window after the client has selected has selected an item.


Modifier Example on NoshPos Wechat Stores:
Modifier example on NoshPos websites:
Modifier pop-up windows can have custom designs.
On request, extra fields can be added to the modifier window.

Adding Modifiers

You can add modifiers directly through the Products Page in your admin desk.
Click on the Edit option to the right side of the product that you wish to give a modifier to.


Select the Modifiers tab, to view the modifier control options.




Understanding Modifiers and Modifer Groups

A modifier can not be added to a product directly. Instead, modifiers belong to Modifier Groups. This makes it easier adding modifiers to multiple products.

Below are a few examples:
Modifer Group: "Choose A Salad Dressing"
Modifiers: "French Dressing", "Balsamic Dressing", "Ranch Dressing"
Modifer Group: "How would you like your Steak?"
Modifiers: "Rare","Medium","Well-Done"

Modifer Group: "Would you like to add anything to your salad"
Modifiers: "Grilled Chicken Breast", "Extra Cheese"

Using Modifier Groups

For each product, you can either create a new modifier group, or use and existing one.  To create a modifier group, simply click on the Create a Modifier Group button under the Modifier tab in the product page. Once a Modifer Group has been created, you can easily add the same Modifier Group to other products as well. 

Create Modifier

Value Description
Name Give the modifier a name to identify what it does or where it is. This is not seen by the customers.
Question Add a special question for the customers to see and associate with the products.
Type Products in a modifier can be single selection, in which a customer can only select one of the options available [eg: such as being able to select only one type of salad dressing]; or multiple selection, where customers are free to choose as many items in the nodifier product list as they wish.

Next Step: Adding Products to Modifier Groups

To then add the products that you want to see in the popup, select the Add Product Or Option button to get the following popup:


Note that all modifiers are actual products. This allows you to track sales of modifiers, create recipes, track waste etc.  You can then either add an existing product from the dropdown menu, or create a new one using the form underneath it.


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