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Ask your customers for feedback

Asking your customers for their feedback gives your shop a personal touch and helps you identify issues with your products. NoshPos has a built in customer feedback survey. With this tool you can present a page to your customer that shows each item of their order and asks them for feedback based on certain criteria, like taste or value.



Feedback Setup

In your admin desk, select the Feedback page from the Marketing section and click the Settings buton on the top right corner of this page




Active Sending the status to Active will start this feature. Set it to Not Active to temporarily pause it
Send after minutes For online orders, this indicates the time in minutes after which the customer will receive an email from you, inviting them to filld out the feedback form. You should come up with a value that makes sure your customers have already received their order and have been able to try it.
Frequency This determines how often feedback emails will get sent out. See below for more details on this.
Introduction Text The text on top of the questionnaire page. 
Questions Here you set up all the questions you want to ask your customer for every dish. You can add as many questions as you want, but or good usability we recommend to keep it below 5
Other Question The "Ask For General Feedback" option will add a textbox to the bottom of the page asking the customer for general feedback. This is just a text field and not specific to any of the dishes.
Email Template This is the email that will get sent to the customer. You can write your own text and it will send out in our own design. Click on "Add Email" to setup this email. Make sure the email contains the variable {$feedbackLink} to link to the questionnaire.
Notify about new feedback Enter any email here that should receive a notification about any new feedback that customers are submitting to you. You can always view all your feedback in the admin in Marketing > Feedback
 Award loyalty points  Enter a number of points a customer will get rewarded if they fill out the questionnaire. Please note that a customer might do this with every order they are placing with you, so you'd probably want to keep this reward relatively low, as it might be used by customers frequently


Understanding "Frequency"

The Frequency field determins how often we will send an email to the customer asking them for their feedback. The options are:


0 Enter the value 0 and customers will only receive an email from us one time, after their first order.
1 An email will be sent to the customer after every order they are placing in your shop
2 or more A higher number means the client will receive a feedback email with every x order they are placing. If you put 5, we'll email them every 5th time.
Last updated: 2018-03-22 18:05:48