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Feature Update: Support Tickets

Have an issue? You can now fill out a support ticket directly from your back office, and our staff will be able to get back to you with a fix.


Where do I find support tickets?

Support tickets can be accessed using the 'Support' button, now located in the header navigation at the top.




How can I create a support ticket?

Once you are on the main support page, a list off all created tickets can be viewed. At the top-right of this page, there is a 'File New Issue Ticket' button that can be used to create a new ticket.



 On the ticket creation page, are the following fields: Request Type, Severity, Summary, Module, Description, and Attachments; as seen in the image below:



Field Types 

Labels Description
Request Type Type of issue being experienced
Severity General urgency of the ticket [from Low to Emergency]
Summary Simple word or phrase to explain main problem
Module Area where the issue is happening [POS, Admin etc..]
Description As much detail as can be given to explain the issue
Attachments An image of where the issue is occuring



How add more comments and images to a ticket?


Once a ticket has been created, you may view this ticket from the main support page and which will take you to the specific ticket as seen below:



To add any comments or extra images, you can use the 'Your Comment' field, or the file upload (Highlighted in Red), to submit any extra information that is necessary. Any new attachments added will appear in the comment list.


What are Known Issues?

Known Issues are tickets that are known to be system wide in an effort to avoid duplicates. They can be viewed using the 'Known Issues' tab on the support page as seen below.


Last updated: 2018-06-01 14:30:10