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Using Printers with the NoshPos Desktop POS App

The NoshPos POS Desktop software is currently available for Windows 7 and up, and all versions of Mac. The app offers native printing functions that offer a better printing experience, and allow printing to multiple printers (e.g. a receipt printer and a kitchen printer).

Follow the instructions below to set up printers with the app:


1) Create Printer Groups in NoshPos

Printer Groups are virtual printers representing the actual printers that you will install in your location. Each actual printer in your station represents on Printer Group. So if you plan on having 3 printers -- one in the restaurant, one in the kitchen and one at the bar -- you need to create 3 Printer Groups. Your products get assigned to Printer Groups, for example you would assign the Cobb Salad to the Printer Group  "Kitchen Printer", and the Orange Juice to "Juice Printer" and so on.  Decide how many real printers you want to have in your location, and add these as Printer Groups in Admin > Settings > POS > Printer Groups.  This might sound like an extra step of work (why not assign items to printers directly?), however this will allow you to exchange printers without having to re-assign products to the new printers.


2) Assign Dishes to Printer Groups

After you've created Printer Groups, you need to assign dishes to a Printer Group. In Admin > Settings > POS > Printer Groups, you see a lis of all your dishes in the left column. Drag and drop items into the red box of a Printer Group.



3) Add Printers from with the Desktop App

Open the Desktop App on your Mac or PC and click on Printing > Printers in the main navigation.



You should now see a list of all printers that are currently installed on your PC or MAC. Choose the printers you want to use for NoshPos, and assign names to them with their specific role.



Click "Configure" to save the printers.


4) Connect actual Printers to Printer Group

Now that you've Configured your Printers in the App, you should be able to see them in Admin > Settings > Pos > Printers.



Click on the edit button, and select which of your actually installed printers connects to which Printer Group.



5) Set your Location to use the Desktop App Printing

In Admin > Settings > General > Locations, edit the Location that is now using the Desktop POS and tick the checkbox for "Uses Desktop Software".




Last updated: 2018-02-10 11:59:16