No setup fees. Quarterly billing.

  • Base Price 1

    Software Only

    NoshPos runs on any PC, Mac or tablet. Choose this option if you already have your existing hardware or want to run NoshPos in your browser.
    Additional Licence


    With Hardware

    This includes the software licence, rental fees for one POS computer, two printers, and a 12-hour hardware support service. Other hardware fees on request.
    Additional Terminal


    1 Required for any of the NoshPos features listed below.

    2 For businesses with up to 10,000 orders per month. Higher volume business prices upon request. Minimum 3 month, quarterly payments. An additional licence is required for every POS terminal. Each terminal can have unlimited users.

    3 For businesses with up to 10,000 orders per month. Minimum 12 month, yearly payments after a 3 month trial. Hardware is offered in a leasing basis and has to be returned after the end of the contract.

  • Online Stores

    • WeChat Store
      ¥48/month 4
      Start taking delivery or pick-up orders through WeChat with a customizable bi-linguale online shop. No payment transaction fees.
    • Web Store (API)
      ¥128/month 5
      Add an online store to your existing website using our API, and receive orders directly in your NoshPos Restaurant POS.
    • Wholesale Ordering
      As a wholesale business, allow your clients to place purchase orders through a dedicated interface, or in their NoshPos Kitchen Module.

    4 For shops with less than 300 orders per month / ¥180 for 300 to 1000 orders / ¥280 for 2000 to 5000 orders.

    5 This requires that you have your own hosting and domain. Please contact us for optional hosting and domain registration. Includes up to 30.000 API calls per month / ¥280 for 30.000 - 50.000 API calls per month / Contact us for higher volume prices

  • Kitchen

    • Checklists
      Turn your operations paper-less and create custom checklists and forms for all your daily SOPs and procedures.
    • Stock Management
      ¥188/month 6
      Control waste, transfers, production and purchases. Create recipes for prep and purchase items, and track stock levels in real-time.
    • Purchasing
      Place purchase orders to suppliers directly through NoshPos. Received orders will automatically be added to the finance system.

    6 For up 200 Purchase Items (Ingredients) / 288¥/month for 201-500 Purchase Items / 388¥/month for unlimited Purchase Items

  • Back Office

    • Marketing
      Maintain and expand your client base with our sophisticated discounts and marketing system that include client-reactivation and more.
    • Finance
      Track and manage cash and supplier expenses on a store and office level directly through the POS or the back-end interface.
    • Customer Service
      There's no need to invest in costly 3rd party CRM systems, we have everything you need to manage your customer base.
    • HR
      Maintain a database of your staff together with work contracts, training history and warnings, and track work time and attendance.
  • Optional

    Service Package ¥180/month

    Setting up a POS system and online shops can be difficult and time consuming. We are here to help. Sign up for the service package to have your own key account manager to help you set up and manage your shop. This also includes 30 minutes of tech support to help with minor programming issues and updates on your online stores.