Transparent fees. Quarterly billing.
Flexible Pricing. You own your data.

  • Monthly Price


    ¥480per month

    + 1.5% of net revenue

    Price in RMB including VAT.
    No payment commissions or hidden fees


    ¥880per month

    + 0.5% of net revenue

    Price in RMB including VAT.
    No payment commissions or hidden fees


    ¥1,280per month

    + 0.1% of net revenue

    Price in RMB including VAT.
    No payment commissions or hidden fees

  • Online Ordering

    • WeChat Store
      Start taking delivery or pick-up orders through WeChat with a customizable bi-lingual h5 or online shop or MiniProgram.
    • Additional Store
      You can add additional store interfaces for other brands or different sales channels. All stores share the same backend and customer database.
    • B2B Store
      As a wholesale business, allow your clients to place purchase orders through a dedicated interface.
  • Kitchen & Inventory

    • Stock Management
      ¥480/month 7
      Control stock levels in real time. Track waste, transfers, production and purchases. Create recipes for prep and purchase items. Place purchase orders with suppliers through our system.
  • Free for the first two month !

    Service Package ¥280/month

    You can administrate the entire system yourself through an online backend. However, if you want to save time and let us help you, sign up for the service package to have your own key account manager who will help you manage and maintain your shops, POS system and reporting. This includes 30 minutes per month of our time, and we help you with everything from setting up discounts, marketing campaigns, upload products, create special page in the shops, extracting reports, or anything else you would need help with.

  • Setup Fees & Services

    The basic setup fee of 4,800rmb includes general setup of your project and basic consultation and support on how to setup your data. Setting up an online shop, POS system and inventory system is a very time consuming lengthy process. We are happy to support you with getting your system up and running in no time.

    Product Upload & Setup

    Just send us an Excel file with all your products, sets, modifiers, discounts, staff, and other required data, and we'll set up the entire system for you. This saves you days and potentially a lot of headache.
    • Up to 30 Products:
      ¥ 1,800
    • Up to 100 Products:
      ¥ 2,500
    • More than 400 Products:
      ¥ 3,500

    Inventory Setup

    Setting up the inventory system requires uploading all your purchase items, suppliers, price lists, and you need to create recipes and do initial counts. This might take you days. We can help you with this and train your team.
    • Recipe Setup:
      ¥ 12/product
    • Onside Implementation
      ¥ 2,800
    • Monthly Maintenance
      From ¥ 600

    Training and Implementation

    Currently available in Shanghai and Beijing, our team can help you train your staff and spend a few days at your venue to make sure everyone knows how to use it. We can also help you set up the hardware.
    • Staff Training (2h)
      ¥ 800
    • Supervision
      ¥ 1,200/day
    • Hardware Installation
      ¥ 1,800