No setup fees. Monthly billing.
One Month Free Trial

  • Base Price 1


    Up to 500 orders/month

    ¥280per month

    Price in RMB including VAT.
    No commissions or hidden fees


    Up to 5,000 orders/month

    ¥380per month

    Price in RMB including VAT.
    No commissions or hidden fees


    More than 5,000 orders/month 2

    ¥480per month

    Price in RMB including VAT.
    No commissions or hidden fees

    1 Required in combination with any of the features below. Base price and prices below are per physical location (outlet). The base price includes the backend, reporting, unlimited user accounts, and basic customer support. Quarterly billing, contracts will automatically renew every 3 months with a 30 day cancellation period. No setup fees.

    2 Up to 15k orders per month. Please contact us for larger volumes. Prices quoted here are for cloud hosted managed systems. Please get in touch for self-hosted systems on your own servers.

  • Restaurant POS

    • Per Terminal Licence
      ¥60/month 3
      A restaurant POS system that works for restaurants of any size. This is the price for every terminal (computer or tablet)
    • Per Printer Licence
      Free 4
      We are not charging anything extra for the printers. You can connect an unlimited amount of printers to this system at no extra cost

    3 This does not include hardware. More terminals can easily be added (or removed) as needed.

    4 Within a reasonable amount of printers that are used in a normal restaurant environment (usually below 8)

  • Online Ordering

    • WeChat Store
      ¥68/month 5
      Start taking delivery or pick-up orders through WeChat with a customizable bi-lingual online shop. No payment transaction fees.
    • Table Ordering
      ¥48/month 5
      Add a QR code to the tables at your restaurant, and let customers order and pay directly with their phone. Orders appear in your POS in real-time
    • Web Store (API)
      ¥80/month 5, 6
      Add an online store to your existing website using our API, so you can run your own website with your own design, and let us take care of your shop
    • Wholesale Ordering
      As a wholesale business, allow your clients to place purchase orders through a dedicated interface, or in their NoshPos Kitchen Module.

    5 To accept payments you need to have your own accounts with payment providers such as WeChat Pay.

    6 This requires that you have your own hosting and domain. Please contact us for optional hosting and domain registration. Includes up to 30,000 API calls per month / ¥280 for 30,000 - 50,000 API calls per month / Contact us for higher volume prices

  • Kitchen & Inventory

    • Checklists
      Turn your operations paper-less and create custom checklists and forms for all your daily SOPs and procedures.
    • Stock Management
      ¥180/month 7
      Control waste, transfers, production and purchases. Create recipes for prep and purchase items, and track stock levels in real-time.
    • Purchasing
      Place purchase orders to suppliers directly through NoshPos. Received orders will automatically be added to the finance system.

    7 For up to 1,000 Purchase Items (Ingredients). Please enquire for larger volume businesses

  • Back Office

    • Marketing
      Free 8
      Maintain and expand your client base with discounts, vouchers, coupons, product upsell, volume discounts and more.
    • Finance
      Track and manage cash and supplier expenses on a store and office level directly through the POS or the back-end interface.
    • CRM
      ¥180/month 9
      There's no need to invest in costly 3rd party CRM systems, we have everything you need, including Loyalty Points, Customer Reactivation and more

    8 Included in the free option are up to 10 discounts (included) and 200 vouchers/month

    9 Included are 5,000 transactional emails through MailGun, and 10,000 transactional SMS through Aliyun. Extra fees apply once for higher volumes

  • Optional

    Service Package ¥180/month

    You can administrate the entire system yourself through an online backend. However, if you want to save time and let us help you, sign up for the service package to have your own key account manager who will help you manage and maintain your shops, POS system and reporting. This includes 30 minutes per month of our time, and we help you with everything from setting up discounts, marketing campaigns, upload products, create special page in the shops, extracting reports, or anything else you would need help with.

  • Setup Fees & Services

    There's no Setup Fee and payment starts after a 30 day free trial, so reach out to us to setup your account. However, setting up an online shop, POS system and inventory system is a very time consuming lengthy process. We are happy to support you with getting your system up and running in no time.

    Product Upload & Setup

    Just send us an Excel file with all your products, sets, modifiers, discounts, staff, and other required data, and we'll set up the entire system for you, so that it's ready to use. This saves you days and potentially a lot of headache.
    • Up to 200 Products:
      ¥ 600
    • Up to 400 Products:
      ¥ 1,200
    • Above 400 Products:
      ¥ 1,800

    Inventory Setup

    Setting up the inventory system requires uploading all your purchase items, suppliers, price lists, and you need to create recipes and do initial counts. This might take you days. We can help you with this and train your team.
    • Setup Only:
      ¥ 800
    • Onside Implemention
      ¥ 1,800
    • Monthly Maintainance
      From ¥ 800

    WeChat/Alipay Setups

    For online payments and native login, your company will need a Service or Subscription Account with WeChat, WeChat Pay and AliPay accounts. We can help you set those up under your company name.
    • WeChat Account
      ¥ 600
    • WeChat Pay Account
      ¥ 800
    • Alipay Account
      ¥ 600